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How to see which apps are tracking your location on the iPhone?

How to see which apps are tracking your location on the iPhone

How to see which apps are tracking your location on iPhone? Just as the concept of privacy is important to most people, when it comes to the use of applications, the location tracking function they have can be an essential element that they depend on for their operation.

An example of this is Google Maps, an application that relies in part on the user’s location data to generate information related to the plotting of routes and maps.

On the other hand, some of the applications installed on your iPhone may be tracking your location at all times without your knowledge and others may require your authorization to do so, which is why through this article you will discover how to see, which applications are to track your location on iPhone and how to set this property.

What applications follow you?

  • The first thing to do to see the list of applications on your iPhone that are using your location data is to go to Settings and click on the Privacy option.
  • Once there, click on Location Services.
  • This will take you to a screen where you can see all the applications installed on your iPhone that can make use of your location data where you can also check which ones are using this data, as well as if they do so at all times or only when application has started.
  • To configure the app’s access to your location data, click on it or the status next to the icon that indicates how to use your location data. By doing this, you will be taken to another screen where 3 options will appear:

* Never: if you check this option, you will be restricting the application’s access to your location data.
* When using the application: if you check this option, the application will access your location data only when its interface has been launched on your iPhone screen.
* Always: if you check this option, the application will have access to your location data as soon as necessary.

Once you have chosen the option of your preference, it will appear activated next to the application, indicating the status it will have regarding access to your location data.

How do I know if an application is accessing location data in the background?

If an app that is not active is accessing your location data in the background, that is, when you are not using it, you will notice it when you see a blue notification at the top left of your iOS device screen.

If this is the case and you do not know which application is carrying out this action, simply click on the notification to display the responsible application on the screen, whose access you can configure, applying the same steps described above to see which applications they are using. your location data.

This will prevent the application from accessing your data in incognito mode when you are not using it. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that to ensure proper operation, some applications must access your location data to do their job.

For this reason, it is important that before partially or totally restricting an application to your location data, you check that this does not negatively interfere with its performance.

Turning location services on and off for apps you’ve already installed

For iOS, simply pull up your Settings app and navigate to Privacy. Tap on Location Services, and you’ll see the individual location settings (such as “While Using” or “Always”) for every app that has requested this permission.

Tap on an app to adjust its access, or tap on the big “Location Services” setting to turn the access off for everything—including your system apps. This is the best way to guarantee privacy on your device, though it might cost you some usability.

Why do applications ask for your location data?