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How to Delete Photos From an iPhone

How to delete photos from an iPhone

iPhone is probably one of the most interesting inventions ever created and manufactured by Apple company for many reasons. It is capable of integrating the most incredible outdates and functionalities in just one device at the same time, which is why many users have decided to choose it instead of other famous models.

One of the most important reasons why many people have decided to choose iPhone instead of other popular brands is that it provides you with the ability of managing all your images as you want. In this sense, we think it is a good idea to explain how to delete photos from an iPhone.

How you can delete photos from an iPhone

As all we know, the process of deleting a large amount of photos on your mobile device by selecting one at a time can be so annoying, so you probably want to know how to do this with much more ease and speed. Fortunately, Chris Breen, senior editor of the Macworld website, has revealed some interesting aspects related to this issue. In this sense, he provides his readers with some useful techniques for solving this problem as quick as possible.

Breen recommends his readers to connect their devices to their computers by using a USB cable and look for the Image Capture option. By doing this, you will be capable of grabbing any image from connected devices, such as cameras and mobile phones. Once you are in the Image Capture option, you have to look for the Import to section and select the place in which you want to copy all the images. In this sense, you will be capable of selecting images, movies, files, and much more.

After doing so, you will have the possibility of choosing any folder you want and importing all these elements. To do so, tap on the Import All option, which can be found at the bottom of the screen. If you have followed the instructions correctly, all this data will be imported in your Camera roll.

What you have to do then

Once you have followed the previous instructions, you are required to click on the Command-A button in order to choose all the images you want disappear, and then tap on the Delete button. After pressing that button, the system will ask you if you want to continue with the deletion process. You just need to confirm that you want to continue and that is all. You have deleted all images you do not want to have in your device any more.

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